How does it work?

Technical background for the rQ Cart Containment Systems

The standard Rocateq Cart Containment System works through an buried locking/unlocking cable. These cables surround the designated area of the store's parking lot.

The Rocateq Transmitter in the store emits coded RF signals through these cables. The Rocateq caster receives the RF signal once it is close to the cable. The locking mechanism is activated by the RF signal and locks the shopping cart.

It’s very difficult to lift the cart over the cable as the wheel will lock up to a height of over 3 feet. As the customer drags the cart back over the unlocking cable the caster will reset and free up the shopping cart. While the cart is being dragged, it will not develop a "flat spot"because the Rocateq wheel will continue to turn, albeit with a hard torque.


RF Receiver

The Rocateq caster is equipped with an RF receiver. Once the RF receiver picks up the signal the locking mechanism will be activated.


The Rocateq caster is equipped with a 3V lithium battery. Lithium batteries will last longer than standard alkaline batteries.



Braking mechanism

The patent braking mechanism ensures the efficient braking of the Rocateq wheel. This mechanism prevents an abrupt stop!


Rocateq wheels feature a durable rubber tread with the same comfort as that of a standard cart wheel. Combined with the patented brake mechanism this insures 'flat spots' (flat sides on the tread of the wheel) are extremely unusual. The Rocateq wheel is also available as a Travelator Wheel, suitable for use on all standard USA Travellators. 

Durable bearings

Rocateq wheels are equipped with durable bearings for high load capacity. This makes the Rocateq system applicable not only to all types of shopping carts, but also in construction, furniture transportation and luggage carts!

Wheel fitting

Rocateq wheels are available with different fitting options. This ensures the wheel is able to be fitted on the majority of US carts.

Warning strip

Red warning lines are painted close to the locking cable in order to inform the customer that they are approaching the end of the free designated area.

Warning signs are also installed in each shopping cart, and large 11" x 18" aluminum signs are affixed at designated areas of the parking lot to alert customers of the system in place.

Which solution?

The three systems Rocateq offer.

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How does it work?

Rocateq Technical Information

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Why Rocateq?

Numerous reasons to choose Rocateq.

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