Which Solution?

Which Solutions?

Thanks to Rocateq’s Trolley Retention System  shopping trolleys no longer disappear.

The trolleys are used only within an area defined by the store, such as the car park

at your shop or the garage under the mall.

If a customer wants to leave the “free designed area” the Rocateq caster will lock.

The Rocateq caster releases when the customer returns towards the store.

The different Rocateq Trolley Retention Systems are:

The Rocateq Standard System (rQ STD)

The operation of the standard system has already been described above.Typical of the standard system is the use of  two types of antenna cables: a locking cable that activates the Rocateq caster lock and a reset cable that releases the locked caster. 

Both types of cables are arranged in the form of a traffic loop at each entrance and exit.


The Rocateq One Cable System (rQ OCS)

The introduction of the One Cable System by Rocateq was a revolutionary development: there is only one antenna cable needed to lock and unlock a shopping trolley.

In some situations, the supermarket is in an open field: no space or walls around the car park or on occasion the supermarket uses several car parks.

If in this case the standard system would be installed, there would be numerous lock/unlock loops installed. The OCS system is only one cable installed entirely around the car park.




The Rocateq Check Out Protection System (rQ COP)

Rocateq’s Check Out Protection system prevents shoplifting.

If customers leaving the store with a full trolley without paying the special Check Out Protection caster locks at the exit and an alarm activates.

The COP system can be combined with both the standard and  the OCS system.

Which solution do you need to save your trolley and to increase your sales?

Which solution?

The three systems Rocateq offer.

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Numerous reasons to choose Rocateq.

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