The government monitors the quality and habitation of our neighborhoods!

This requires rules and guidelines. In the General Local Regulation (APV) it often states that there should no shopping trolleys left abandoned on public roads.

More and more local governments are enforcing the rules on abandoned shopping trolleys. Shop owners are receiving fines for abandoned shopping trolleys and theses fines will quickly escalate. In addition to this it is often requested that the trolley be collected immediately by the retailer directly or they will be destroyed at the retailers expense.

The Rocateq Trolley Retention System prevents these issues and the relevant costs and fines.

It is much more efficient and is definitely more result-oriented than enforcement through fines and penalties. For a number of years now Rocateq have not only been working with the Retailers to negate this issue but also have been forging strong partnerships with local government with regard to the solution for this issue.

Work in cooperation with the local government to protect your shopping trolleys.

Which solution?

The three systems Rocateq offer.

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How does it work?

Rocateq Technical Information

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Rocateq locations

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Why Rocateq?

Numerous reasons to choose Rocateq.

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