The customer is king!

Friendly and helpful staff, a full selection and good facilities are important to your customers  for shopping. Adequate and well-functioning shopping trolley are also a big part of this.

Nothing is more annoying for the customer than there being no shopping trolleys available!

The customer will not wait until a trolley is free causing a very unpleasant situation for the customer and for you as you will miss out on sales!

The Rocateq Trolley Retention System will prevent this unpleasant situation. Your customers will thank you as there will always be adequate trolley numbers .

Always enoughs trolleys available, your customers will appriciate this.

Which solution?

The three systems Rocateq offer.

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How does it work?

Rocateq Technical Information

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Rocateq locations

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Why Rocateq?

Numerous reasons to choose Rocateq.

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